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Spring Season 2019

Our Wine Bistro re-opens today,Thursday the 9th of May 19″.

Our doors open at 5p.m. every Thursday – Friday & Saturday until Saturday the 6th of July 19″.

Re-opening again on Thursday the 29th of August 19.

PLEASE NOTE. Our Bistro stays CLOSED on Saturday the 18.05.19″due to a private function.

We look forward to the coming season.

Burger’s Winery Pünderich

Autumn Work

In the last few days the weather has been cold but friendly.While the men deliver Wine throughout Germany,

our work is pruning the Fields. Whilst doing this we are lucky to have lovely views of the area.At around 4p.m.

the sun sets and slowly it becomes dark time to call it a day and head home.

A gift Idea

for Special occasions …..

A Magnum bottle (1,5Liter) with a personal greeting.

The bottle can be hand written or drawn as wished.

We have filled the bottles with a 2016 Riesling Spätlese Dry – Semi Dry – or Sweet.

The Wine Queen and her Princesses

Saturday the 20th of August 2016

Luckily the sun came out after many morning showers.The weather changed just on time for the wine queen’s special occasion.

In a beautiful decorated car, we drove through the village, accompanied by the local vice mayor, local mayor, different associations from Puenderich, locals and many guests who travelled from near and far especially to celebrate with us.

After reaching the festival marquee, the former queen Maria passed on her crown, crowning the new wine queen Christina and her princesses Julia and Emma.

Our 2 year term has started and I’m proud and excited of what lies ahead. After a remarkable festival, we have our first fun and experience which shall grow with time. Under the Vines of the Marienburg,

Wine Festival 2016

Wine Festival 2016I, Emma Burger am to be crowned Wine Princess in Pünderich on Saturday the 20th of August at our village Festival weekend. I would be delighted If visitors stop by, take part and enjoy a glas of wine with me.

From the 19th-21st we have an exciting Programm organised for the wine festival, on Sunday we have our Tombola evening with great prices to be won followed by music and dance. I look forward to a most pleasurable weekend with great weather and a lot of fun.

Wine Festival greetings from Pünderich

100% Nature

A bird's nest with 6 eggs in itLuckily enough not all of our work is controlled by machines. This way we work closer to nature and discover for example, a bird’s nest. A mid the wine fields between blossoming grapes, with an amazing amount of 6 eggs in it.

So a quick snap shot and carry on with work in the hope that we didn’t disturb and that all 6 birds shall soon hatch.

Bad weather conditions in puenderich

Unwetter Mai 2016

Just after a 20 minute period of heavy rain we knew the situation was to be taken very seriously, we knew too to expect water in our wine cellar.

Luckily we found only a shallow level of rain water in our cellar and were able to clean it out pretty fast, leaving us time to help, the fire brigade and our neighbours. The village main road was pretty flooded as were many cellars.

Unfortunately the damage that had been left behind from the storm was composed to see by monday 30.05.2016. Damage through nature. By the afternoon we were surrounded by more rain and storm, again the fire brigade had to take action. A great amount of water is still streaming from the forest, the

Extending our winery

Umbau am WeingutOur building site has come to an end. A BIG thankyou goes out to the following companies:

Firme Ziegler(Pünderich), Joachim Treis (Zell), Markus Linden (Pünderich) & Schäfer & Butzen (Pünderich) for their fantastic work.

Our extention is really remarkably pretty due to their great ideas & work.

We thank them all
Karl-Josef & Deborah Burger

Red wine Harvest 2015

Now the beginning of September you notice how the red grapes begin to take colour. In roughly 4-6 weeks we expect to harvest our Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) grapes.

Vine pruning in Summer

LaubschnittDespite very warm and dry summer conditions the vines are growing enorm. This means that the vine tips must be cut down to a certain level.

As seen this happens with the use of the trimming machine, which also can be used in some of our steep fields. Although some of our fields can only be trimmed by hand. Depending on the growth, the vines must be trimmed a few times in the summer…

Bottling the Wine from the production 2014

In July the rest of the wine has been bottled emptying the barrels, making room for the new wines this harvest. The wines from 2014 have matured to a very good quality despite the year being extremely turbulent.

The Family

Karl-Josef Burger

Karl-Josef Burger

Karl-Josef manages the Family business, which he took over from his parents in 1990. Together with his wife Deborah he masters all the work that falls upon the fields and the winery.

Deborah Burger

Deborah -Debbie- Burger

Born in Northern Ireland, she is involved in the company since 1993 and is a calming influence to the winery. Besides the work in the fields and taking care of the family, she also spoils their guests in the winery`s „Straußwirtschaft“ bistro with delicious treats from her kitchen.

Jonas Burger

Jonas Burger

Jonas supports his father with the tasks in and around the winery besides his apprenticeship as a winegrower. After his studies as a technical winegrower he hopes to one day take over the company.

Emma Burger

Emma Burger

Emma is still a schoolpupil, she enjoys helping her mother where and when she can, serving the guests in the „Straußwirtschaft“ bistro, especially when it`s busy.

Alex und Josefa Burger

Alex and Josefa Burger

The senior bosses in the Burger residence, Alex who considering his proud age of over 85 still helps in the winery and has an open ear to customers questions both in English and German language, Josefa welcomes our guests with an open door when we are working in the fields.

The Winery

  • Wine growing has now been operated in our family business since 4 Generations.

  • Our Vines grow mostly on the steep mountains at one of the best regions of the Moselle.

  • We combine modern cellar technique and traditional methods, to give each wine it`s individuelle righteousness.

  • The passion for our work delivers each wine it`s own expression, each individuelle bottle produced with a lot of devosion.

  • Our wines are developed with harmony taking nature into great account and consideration.

  • Natural credentials are provided from the rich Moselle region which provides us with authentic Rieslingwines and there distinctive characters.

  • Depending on the type of wine, it is stored in traditional wood barrels or stainless steel tanks.

The Winery

The Vineyards

A lot of our work is mastered by hand, creating a good quality of wine which begins in the vineyard superbly built on very steep slopes. Rich in minerals and heat stored slated groung are the best conditions for unique Riesling wines with such distinctive characters.

The varieties of grape

We cultivate roughly 4 Hectars of vineyards. The majority of planted area takes over of course the Riesling grape. We also have Blue Pinot Noir, Müller-Thurgau and Dornfelder areas planted in our vineyards.

A natural product

Through using environmentally friendly plant protections and the conditions provided to us through nature we are able to produce our wines conventionally always keeping and taking the ways of nature into great consideration.

The Production

Due to modern types of education and a selective harvesting of grapes, our wines achieve top qualities. A sophisticated cellaring, connected with traditional cellar technology allows us to preserve character for each wine in it,s bottle.

Our Respect

We have gained a love and effection for our natural wine products through many years of experience and work in our vineyards. We estimate and understand nature as being an important partner in our Wine sector. The wine grower generations to follow should of course also be able to build and produce wines of high standard niveau.

Your Interest

If you have any further questions about our wines or the production, we would be grateful if you contact us, we shall be willing and pleased to help you. We are delighted when sharing the pleasures of our work with you.


Der Betrieb erhält für seine Leistungen in
Agrarumwelt- und Klimamaßnahmen:

Umweltschonender Steil- und Steilstlagenweinbau

einen Ausgleich durch:
den Europäischen Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums (ELER): hier investiert Europa in die ländlichen Gebiete

im Rahmen des

rheinland-pfälzischen Entwicklungsprogramms „Umweltmaßnahmen, Ländliche Entwicklung, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung“ (EULLE)

mitfinanziert durch das Land Rheinland-Pfalz

Europäische Union Logo des Ministeriums für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau


The Wine Bistro

Outstanding Exellent Mosel Wines

In our new, modern furnished Wine Bistro you can enjoy a glas of wine and relax, leaving your everyday life behind you. Enjoy an exellent Moselwine combined with a delicious treat served from our kitchen.

Under our grape arcade outside you can enjoy the view of our Vineyards situated under the Pündericher Marienburg and Nonnengarten.

We like to offer you wine tastings for groups or cooperations (up to 40 people). In ability to organise (time, tastings, food etc.) these tastings, we request a prior notification. Our wines are sold all year round.

Our opening times

every Thurday, Friday & Saturday from 5.00 p.m.:

  • Sat, 11.04. & Sun, 12.04.2020
  • Thur. 07.05. - Sat, 25.07.2020
  • Sat. 30.05.20 - Big Bottle Nght
  • Sat, 30.05.20 - Big Bottle Nght


Weingut Karl-Josef Burger
Waldstraße 5
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Fax: 0 65 42 - 90 03 79

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